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Marel Engineering believes in the need to improve the quality of production in the country. The company serves as a center of professional knowledge in various engineering fields, and organizes specific conferences and seminars for technical customers looking to expand their knowledge in various fields. You can get conferences on the study of failures in electronics, use of X-Ray systems for diagnostic and troubleshooting, soldering technologies at theoretical and practical levels, training courses in practical work on specific issues.

Training and professional lectures

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Characterization of production lines and complementary technologies

Characterization of production lines and complementary technologies

  • Components miniaturization graph requires special preparation in terms of acquisition, knowledge and complementary processes.
  • The assembly lines will be derived from long-term planning in cooperation with Marel, based on the knowledge and experience of many years of its managers.
  • Definition and specification of equipment needed on the assembly line and in accordance with the new requirements – printing, SPI, placement, soldering, AOI.
  • Printing precision and placement bound by reality.
  • Soldering processes different from those in use nowadays.
  • Types of paste compatible with technologically advanced and complex processes.

Training and professional lectures

Failure Analysis 3

Failure analysis by means of X-Ray Pictures – Sample Lecture

Lecture Description

Looking at an X-Ray picture is not sufficient for understanding its meaning. The shades of grey displayed in the picture contain a great deal of information, and, like in any area, practical experience in analyzing the pictures enables a better understanding of the quality of the assembly process in general. Over time, Eli Sarig has specialized in the analysis of failure resulting from problematic processes. One of the most important tools enabling the internal observation of areas which are not normally visible is the X-Ray machine. The quality of the pictures obtained nowadays from X-Ray machines is much better than the quality of pictures taken a decade ago. The reason for this improvement is also related to image processing capabilities, which have improved with time.

During the meeting, we will show pictures collected by him over the last years, while working with the IDF (military) and civil industries. These pictures describe different failure situations in a wide variety of applications, ranging from BGA components, through other SMT components and up to the testing of cables and connectors. The lecture includes many varied X-Ray pictures depicting defects in the soldering of different types of components . The main goal is to improve the capability to analyze the picture while correctly operating the X-Ray system, thereby gaining insights related to the quality of soldering.

Target Audience

Engineering and Operation managers, Production managers, Quality managers, Technologists.


14:00-14:15 – Welcome and Opening

14:15-15:45 – Analysis of X-Ray pictures, picture definitions and basic situations

15:45-16:00 – Break

16:00-17:15 – Analysis of X-Ray pictures – continuation, failure examples